About Me

“There’s no one alive who’s youer than you.” Dr Seuss

Hello! I’m Tara

And it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Here I am in my treatment cabin, it’s a space I love because its a sanctuary to me and everyone who comes into it.

I love creating space where women feel free to be themselves, can relax and let go of all the stuff that weighs them down.

This may sound wishful thinking, and for some it maybe. But for me, its essential and never more so than when I was going through the lows of my fertility journey.

 You see, I often felt very misunderstood, alone and like I didn’t really have anywhere that could help and support me in a way that felt needed. I tend to found people who focused on one particular area such as nutrition, or acupuncture, but I often felt I needed a space where I could go to for this, but also somewhere to lick my wounds (there are many during fertility journeys) and where I could be re-energised so I could face the next steps of my journey with ease and the tools to do this with. 

I came across so many experts, but very little who empathised with what I was actually going through and understood the wider implications of infertility.

That it affected my confidence, self belief, friendships, relationships with my family, my partner and yet these were all things that were swept up under the statement of “Stressful”. IVF is ‘stressful’, infertility is ‘stressful’, experiencing miscarriage is ‘stressful’ but very few people seemed to actually get it or support with this.

I began listening to myself less and less, and seeking advice of all who were around, even those that weren’t qualified to give it. This meant I was frequently overwhelmed, exhausted, highly emotional and found making the easiest decisions really hard. I was miserable and at my wits end, knowing I had another round of IVF to go through and hating the idea.

And then one day I met a woman who became my mentor on my fertility journey, Jane Jennings. She firstly listened and helped me to acknowledge everything I’d been through. Then she began to help me understand and develop a deeper awareness into fertility and my blocks around this. By developing my awareness, she helped me to understand what it was that I did need to go through my next round of IVF. 

Armed with this information, I began to listen to myself, what I want and needed and put the support on place to receive this. As I did this, I began to feel empowered and excited as I prepared for my next round of IVF. I began to feel a sense of control, I felt calmer, more energised, happier. On my low days I could process them quicker, I began to invest in the support I truly needed not what the ‘experts’ had suggested that left me drained, afraid and overwhelmed. 

I validated everything I was experiencing, so found it easier to open up to friends and family about what was going on. I began to put a strong support network in place. I took time off, knowing that I was having fun and building my energy. I even had the odd glass of wine which I was ok with. Was the journey still tough, yes – after all this is a bloody hard challenge to navigate, but I found I had more energy, experienced more ease and struggled less. 

And that’s why I’ve created The Feminine Space. So women can have the opportunity to experience greater ease and energy on their fertility journey. And this increased energy is what boosts their fertility. Perfect for those who are struggling to conceive or going through treatment.  

You are not alone and you have totally got this!

Big Love

Tara xx



My Approach & Values



– For every woman to know she is enough with or without a baby.

– To offer support that energises and empowers women during their fertility journey.

– For every woman to know that their happiness and well-being during their fertility journey, is just as vital as the medical ‘to-do’ lists.  








 My Experience

  • Helping women recover after miscarriage, unsuccessful IVF. 
  • Supporting women to be in their most fertile energy possible in preperation for natural conception or IVF.
  • Helping women to align their energy, hormones, relationship, finances and support network to concieve naturally or be successful at IVF.


My Education

  • Progressive Kinesiology Practitioner
  • Fertility/Womb Massage Practitioner
  • EFT Therapist
  • Health and Social Care (BSc) Hons


Helping you boost your fertile energy, naturally.

"Working with Tara on my on-going fertility journey has been a total game changer for me. She is supportive, knows her stuff and listens to me and my body."

Lizzie aged 39

"I love the way Tara never asks me to do anything, but invites me to think or do something about the issue. This means that the decisions I make are the ones I want to make and work best for me. I find her approach supportive and encourages my self awareness. "


"I've previously felt so stuck and felt such a sense of relief to know she really understood me, more than I understood myself at times."

Zoe Aged 34

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