Hi, it’s Tara here from The Feminine Space, I help women throughout every stage of their fertility journey. I support women who are on their fertility journeys, but are starting to feel stuck, overwhelmed, or burnt out on their journey to becoming a mum.

By working with me in one-to-one, or in groups, I start working with them to create plans. Plans where they can build themselves up through nourishment, through replenishing their energy and to gain new clarity and insights. So they can take the next steps with confidence and ease on their fertility journey.

  Today I am here to talk to you about a question I get asked a lot by my clients…..and it’s a big one….

How will I know when to stop treatment”

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How will I know when to stop treatment?

That’s a really tough question.  I’m not going to be able to address it right here, right now or today in all the depth, because it is a deep question with lots and lots of layers.

If this is where you’re at, firstly, I’m really sorry that you’re even having to consider this.  I recognize that you will have already had a really tough, difficult journey to get here, and that going forward can feel like a really difficult challenge right nowYou’re at the point where you are just saying ‘enough’…. But also, to say that can be really scary to consider because ‘what will life look like the other side?’   There’s so, so many questions. And like I say, so many different layers to this.

What to do next?

So, if this is you, what I encourage you to do, first of all is just check in with yourself.

  • How are you?
  • How is your energy?

There is a reason why I’m getting you to look at this. I don’t just mean energy in a ‘woo-woo’ way, I mean your actual, physical, practical day-to-day energy that you bring to your day-to-day, life day-to-day routine – How is that?

Often, when women come to me with this really big question of, “Do I stop treatment now and give up my idea or my dream of having a baby?”   They’re depleted, they’re exhausted and they’re trying to make this big life decision from that place of exhaustion, and overwhelm, and absolute depletion.

So what I would suggest if this is you, is get really honest with yourself, are you in that place? Are you so fatigued, exhausted? Are you in a place where actually just having thoughts on how you get through your day feel really cluttered and really difficult and challenging.If that is where you are, then right now, making big life-changing decisions is not what I would suggest is the best thing.   It might be better to make your priority about building up your energy rather than trying to get to the end of making this decision. To continue to try and have a baby or not….or stopping treatment or not.

Look to build up your energy, so that you are in the best, most abundant, energetic place that you can be to make these decisions. Because believe me, it’s going to take all that energy to process.

Make a list of 10 things that give you energy

This might be bike rides with your husband or partner. This might be meditating or yoga practice. It could be going for walks. getting together with your girlfriends over a glass of wine or two. It could be anything;  weekends away, being in the middle of the mountains or flying over to Greece and laying on a beach for a week. Whatever it is that starts to bring you some energy, I suggest that you make a list of those 10 things, and then you do something off that list every day. Remember they don’t have to be big things, they can also be little everyday achievable things like going for a nap or having a hot bath with Epsom salts.

You owe yourself some time right now to spend on investing and nourishing ‘you’. Do the work to help build you back up, so that actually you can then start to look at this, and explore this, and work out what might be true for you. It is a big thing, but to do it when you’re depleted makes it even bigger and even more difficult.

I do suggest that therapy may also be on this list. Going to seek out somebody who has experience within this area, and can help guide and navigate you through what’s coming up.

Spend time on this. Spend time on you. You are really, really worth investing in.

Do the things that fill you up and help to build your energy, and do this daily. You’re dealing with so much and having dealt with so much, you’re going to need to put together a good, strong plan to help nourish and maintain your energy. Once again, if this feels like another thing to do, then you may want to seek some guidance from somebody who’s got experience. They can help you bring these things into your life, into your world, in a way that actually feels achievable and beneficial, rather than taking more energy away from you.

So get curious!

Have fun with this. How creative can you be? What are the things that start to light you up? What are the things that help you feel good? Do more of those. Just pop the other stuff on hold until you can get your energy up to a more stable and sounder space to start looking at the next steps, whatever they may or may not mean for you.

So I’m sending you lots and lots of love. Give this a go. Remember, you’re worth it. You really, really are. Much love.

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