Hello Beautiful lady

In this Vlog, I share with you information that’s revolutionised my life. I know that every woman I’ve shared this with, has felt the same. Making the information I’m about to share with you, highly valuable.

And what is this highly valuable information id hear you ask? Well, its all about periods, your menstrual cycle to be exact.

Periods are not something that are spoken about in a positive light. From the dismissive reference of “she must be on the blob”, to the physical or emotional pain of getting your period each month, often, there’s not much to love.

A new perspective….

But what if there was a new, more positive and energy enhancing way to work with your body?

What if, you could learn all about your hormones and how they’ll influence your mood, or ability to organise?

What if, you could recognise when’s a good time to have the difficult chat with your partner, and when to avoid?

Well, now you can!

I’m so excited to share this with you, because its full of the stuff you really need to know.

You may find it is unique, and may even astound you. But, your body will start to make sense like never before.

Similarly, it offers you simple and effective ways to work with your body, in a deeply nourishing and loving way.

Where-ever you are in you cycle, may you be kind, compassionate and loving to yourself. May you get to see how truly special you and your body really is.

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Much Love

Tara xx

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