IVF is often held as the promise to conceive when natural conception hasn’t happen for you. It’s the opportunity to get medical professionals involved, in the hope, that they will create, your much desired baby.

However, if your like many of my clients, IVF is a blessing and a curse. Many women I know have very mixed feelings about IVF, and for good reason. It’s an incredibly intense and invasive process, as those who have been through it will tell you. It can give you your baby, the one thing you want more then anything else. But it can also bring; heartache, financial strain, mood swings, feeling stressed out, arguments with your partner, etc.

All of these things can create resistance to you taking action and will show as: avoidance, indecision, feeling stuck, frustration, overwhelm, etc.

Any of these sound familiar?

What can you do to help?

I suggest you start to get clear about what it is you want to achieve and align to. Eg to find a fertility clinic you like. Then, gently explore what’s stopping you from achieving it.

What do I mean by align or alignment – this is the process where you align your thoughts, feelings and energy to a particular activity. It’s not a case of just saying yes I agree to doing this, but actually wanting to with every part of your being.

This may bring up resistance or blocks to something, such as IVF or a particular part of IVF. That’s OK, after-all, IVF is a big investment of your time, energy, money and heart.

Sometimes your blocks or resistance are obvious, other times, they are more hidden and can be influencing your thoughts, feelings and behaviours without you even realising it. 

What are common blocks?

Here are some of the common blocks I’ve come across:

  • Involvement of clinicians and medical professions
  • Injections and high levels of medication
  • Financial resistance to having to pay for their baby, or difficulty accepting financial helps from others
  • Trusting their partner because of previous infidelity or previous deceit
  • Fear of the treatment not working and their relationship breaking down
  • Worry about their business being able to survive whilst going through treatment or if falling pregnant 
  • pressures of choosing the right fertility clinic  

How to align with what you DO want:

Here’s a suggestion on how you align your energy to your fertility goals:

Set some time aside where you won’t be disturbed, grab a note pad and pen and your favourite cuppa. 

  • Do a quick brain dump on paper of everything you have going round in your head. All the issues or problems that your experiencing right now. 
  • Next, explore at what’s the one that’s causing you the most pain/discomfort right now.
  • Now make a statement about what you DO want to happen. This will become your goal you wish to align too. For example, “I am 100% aligned to going through IVF”, or “I am financially abundant”, or “I am now ready to become pregnant”. Start all your goals with any of the following – I am now ready to……… or I am 100% aligned to ………….. 
  • Next, sit with quietly with this goal for a few moments – what comes up for you? Do you have any feelings in your body? What thoughts are you having? What feelings are coming up for you? 
  • Write everything down that comes up for you. Allow yourself to write down all your thoughts and feelings. Don’t try to understand them, or dismiss any of them, just keep the free flow of writing.

When your done, look at what you’ve written. Are there any surprises there? Anything you weren’t expecting?

This exercise can be a great one for raising awareness of what’s really going on. Giving yourself time and space to hear you, is very powerful. Having clarity about what you need, is so empowering as it assists you to take the right kinds of action.

If you didn’t receive the answers you were hoping for, or your not sure what to do with what’s come up for you. Please do reach out to me, or another professional whose experienced in fertility issues. Do not suffer in silence and try to do everything by yourself. Fertility difficulties are challenging, get the right support that will help you to feel confident in taking your next steps.

What does aligning help with & why should I do it?

When clients start to align their fertility goals, and remove the blocks that are holding them back, transformation happens. Every woman I treat starts to stand taller, have the difficult conversations with ease, increased joy and intimacy in their relationships, take the actions that are right for them, and even fall pregnant with greater ease. It really is very powerful!

I know fertility journeys are an emotional roller coaster filled with highs and lows. If your finding it challenging, do message me for a free phone consultation, where we will explore how I can support you. Email; tara@thefemininespace.co.uk 

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