Ever wondered why you smash some goals but never get round to others? Or do you find there’s somethings you know you should do, but you just don’t?

For example, you want to start IVF but you keep delaying the decision to contact fertility clinics, or you know you want to get fit, but you never find the time to take that exercise class,or you want to feel calmer, but your to stressed out to do meditation and so on.

We all have them, the things that we know we want, but just can’t seem to achieve. This is because there’s a part of you that’s out of alignment with the goal or intention your trying to achieve.

In this video I’ll be sharing with you:

  • What is alignment
  • How to know when your in alignment
  • How to spot when you’ve a block or resistance to your goal
  • Explanation how Kinesiology can help you.

Happy Aligning

Tara xx